Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3564 (Claudio Bonati et al.)

On the phase diagram of the 4D U(1) model at finite temperature    [PDF]

Claudio Bonati, Massimo D'Elia
We explore the phase diagram of the 4D compact U(1) gauge theory at finite temperature as a function of the gauge coupling and of the compactified Euclidean time dimension L_t. We show that the strong-to-weak coupling transition, which is first order at T=0 (L_t=\infty), becomes second order for high temperatures, i.e. for small values of L_t, with a tricritical temporal size \bar{L_t} located between 5 and 6. The critical behavior around the tricritical point explains and reconciles previous contradictory evidences found in the literature.
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