Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1209.0883 (Vikram Vyas)

Heavy Quark Potential from Gauge/Gravity Duality: A Large D Analysis    [PDF]

Vikram Vyas

1303.0022 (Meifeng Lin et al.)

Status of nucleon structure calculations with 2+1 flavors of domain wall

Meifeng Lin, for the RBC, UKQCD Collaborations

1303.0104 (Yusuke Taniguchi)

Non-perturbative evaluation of cSW for smeared link clover fermion and
Iwasaki gauge action

Yusuke Taniguchi

1303.0138 (Harvey B. Meyer)

Lattice QCD and the two-photon decay of the neutral pion    [PDF]

Harvey B. Meyer

1303.0318 (Abhijit Majumder)

Estimating $\hat{q}$ in Quenched Lattice SU(2) Gauge Theory    [PDF]

Abhijit Majumder

1303.0336 (Liang-Kai Wu et al.)

The nature of Roberge-Weiss transition end points in 2 flavor lattice
QCD with Wilson quarks

Liang-Kai Wu, Xiang-Fei Meng

1303.0342 (Steven Weinberg)

Tetraquark Mesons in Large $N$ Quantum Chromodynamics    [PDF]

Steven Weinberg

1303.0435 (C. Bernard)

Neutral B Mixing in Staggered Chiral Perturbation Theory    [PDF]

C. Bernard

1303.0441 (Marcin Szyniszewski)

Numerical investigations of the Schwinger model and selected quantum
spin models

Marcin Szyniszewski

1303.0517 (Ziwen Fu)

Lattice QCD study of the s-wave $ππ$ scattering lengths in the I=0
and 2 channels

Ziwen Fu