Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1210.5573 (Xiaofeng Luo et al.)

Search for the QCD Critical Point by Higher Moments of Net-proton
Multiplicity Distributions at STAR

Xiaofeng Luo, for the STAR Collaboration

1210.5887 (Feng-Kun Guo et al.)

Baryon electric dipole moments from strong CP violation    [PDF]

Feng-Kun Guo, Ulf-G. Meißner

1210.5896 (P. Cea et al.)

Two-flavor QCD at finite quark or isospin density    [PDF]

P. Cea, L. Cosmai, M. D'Elia, A. Papa, F. Sanfilippo

1210.5907 (Apoorva Patel)

Baryon Number Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Apoorva Patel

1210.5954 (Takashi Z. Nakano et al.)

Strong coupling analysis of Aoki phase in Staggered-Wilson fermions    [PDF]

Takashi Z. Nakano, Tatsuhiro Misumi, Taro Kimura, Akira Ohnishi

1210.5962 (J. A. Gracey)

Power corrections to symmetric point vertices in Gribov-Zwanziger theory    [PDF]

J. A. Gracey

1210.5963 (Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz et al.)

Topological aspects of G2 Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz, Axel Maas

1210.5964 (Eric Endress et al.)

Variance reduction techniques for a quantitative understanding of the
ΔI = 1/2 rule

Eric Endress, Carlos Pena