Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1305.2932 (Joshua H. Cooperman et al.)

A first look at transition amplitudes in (2+1)-dimensional causal
dynamical triangulations

Joshua H. Cooperman, Jonah Miller

1306.1930 (Axel Cortes Cubero et al.)

Correlation Functions of the SU(infinity) Principal Chiral Model    [PDF]

Axel Cortes Cubero, Peter Orland

1306.2162 (Philipp Hauke et al.)

Quantum simulation of a lattice Schwinger model in a chain of trapped

Philipp Hauke, David Marcos, Marcello Dalmonte, Peter Zoller

1306.2164 (Roman Orus)

A Practical Introduction to Tensor Networks: Matrix Product States and
Projected Entangled Pair States

Roman Orus

1306.2287 (Sz. Borsanyi et al.)

Isospin splittings in the light baryon octet from lattice QCD and QED    [PDF]

Sz. Borsanyi, S. Dürr, Z. Fodor, J. Frison, C. Hoelbling, S. D. Katz, S. Krieg, Th. Kurth, L. Lellouch, Th. Lippert, A. Portelli, A. Ramos, A. Sastre, K. Szabo