Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1107.1629 (Alessandro D'Adda et al.)

Species Doublers as Super Multiplets in Lattice Supersymmetry: Chiral
Conditions of Wess-Zumino Model for D=N=2

Alessandro D'Adda, Issaku Kanamori, Noboru Kawamoto, Jun Saito

1111.1317 (N. Cardoso et al.)

Lattice QCD computation of the SU(3) String Tension critical curve    [PDF]

N. Cardoso, P. Bicudo

1112.1246 (Francesco Knechtli et al.)

The shape of the static potential with dynamical fermions    [PDF]

Francesco Knechtli, Björn Leder

1112.5926 (Takashi Inoue et al.)

Two-Baryon Potentials and H-Dibaryon from 3-flavor Lattice QCD

Takashi Inoue, Sinya Aoki, Takumi Doi, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Yoichi Ikeda, Noriyoshi Ishii, Keiko Murano, Hidekatsu Nemura, Kenji Sasaki

1202.2376 (Stanley J. Brodsky et al.)

Confinement contains condensates    [PDF]

Stanley J. Brodsky, Craig D. Roberts, Robert Shrock, Peter C. Tandy

1202.2462 (Andreas Frommer et al.)

Aggregation-based Multilevel Methods for Lattice QCD    [PDF]

Andreas Frommer, Karsten Kahl, Stefan Krieg, Björn Leder, Matthias Rottmann

1202.2524 (M. A. Zubkov)

Generalized unparticles, zeros of the Green function, and momentum space
topology of the lattice model with overlap fermions

M. A. Zubkov

1202.2598 (Hiroshi Suzuki)

Supersymmetry, chiral symmetry and the generalized BRS transformation in
lattice formulations of 4D $\mathcal{N}=1$ SYM

Hiroshi Suzuki

1202.2672 (Gauhar Abbas et al.)

Determination of $α_s(M_τ^2)$ from Improved Fixed Order
Perturbation Theory

Gauhar Abbas, B. Ananthanarayan, Irinel Caprini

1202.2675 (Thomas DeGrand et al.)

SU(4) lattice gauge theory with decuplet fermions: Schrödinger
functional analysis

Thomas DeGrand, Yigal Shamir, Benjamin Svetitsky

1202.2762 (Anne Mykkanen et al.)

Casimir scaling and renormalization of Polyakov loops in large-N gauge

Anne Mykkanen, Marco Panero, Kari Rummukainen

1202.2787 (Hua-Xing Chen et al.)

The pion-pion Interaction in the rho Channel in Finite Volume    [PDF]

Hua-Xing Chen, E. Oset

1202.2834 (T. Maurer et al.)

Axial charges of excited nucleons from CI-fermions    [PDF]

T. Maurer, T. Burch, L. Ya. Glozman, C. B. Lang, D. Mohler, A. Schäfer