Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1212.3737 (Thomas Schweigler et al.)

Colorful SU(2) center vortices in the continuum and on the lattice    [PDF]

Thomas Schweigler, Roman Höllwieser, Manfried Faber, Urs M. Heller

1212.3770 (Christof Gattringer et al.)

Spectroscopy in finite density lattice field theory: An exploratory
study in the relativistic Bose gas

Christof Gattringer, Thomas Kloiber

1212.3800 (Alberto Ramos)

Playing with the kinetic term in the HMC    [PDF]

Alberto Ramos

1212.3818 (Yan Zhu et al.)

The shear channel spectral function in hot Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Yan Zhu, Aleksi Vuorinen

1212.3835 (Antonio González-Arroyo et al.)

The string tension for Large N gauge theory from smeared Wilson loops    [PDF]

Antonio González-Arroyo, Masanori Okawa

1212.3892 (Nihar Ranjan Sahoo et al.)

Higher moments of the net-charge multiplicity distributions at RHIC
energies in STAR

Nihar Ranjan Sahoo, for the STAR Collaboration

1212.3894 (Umut Gursoy et al.)

The Chern-Simons Diffusion Rate in Improved Holographic QCD    [PDF]

Umut Gursoy, Ioannis Iatrakis, Elias Kiritsis, Francesco Nitti, Andy O'Bannon

1212.4061 (Gernot Akemann et al.)

Finite volume corrections to LECs in Wilson and staggered ChPT    [PDF]

Gernot Akemann, Fabrizio Pucci

1212.4109 (M. D. Schulz et al.)

Topological Phase Transitions in the Golden String-Net Model    [PDF]

M. D. Schulz, S. Dusuel, K. P. Schmidt, J. Vidal