Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1011.1015 (Hajime Aoki)

Chiral Fermions and the Standard Model from the Matrix Model
Compactified on a Torus

Hajime Aoki

1103.1541 (Ziwen Fu)

Hybrid meson decay from lattice QCD    [PDF]

Ziwen Fu

1209.1687 (J. R. Green et al.)

Nucleon Structure from Lattice QCD Using a Nearly Physical Pion Mass    [PDF]

J. R. Green, M. Engelhardt, S. Krieg, J. W. Negele, A. V. Pochinsky, S. N. Syritsyn

1209.1892 (P. E. Shanahan et al.)

Strong contribution to octet baryon mass splittings    [PDF]

P. E. Shanahan, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young

1209.1954 (Arata Yamamoto et al.)

Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of three-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixtures    [PDF]

Arata Yamamoto, Tetsuo Hatsuda

1209.1974 (Daniel Zwanziger)

Some exact properties of the gluon propagator    [PDF]

Daniel Zwanziger

1209.2023 (Stephan Narison)

A fresh look into m_{c,b} and precise f_{D_(s),B_(s)} from heavy-light
QCD spectral sum rules

Stephan Narison

1209.2061 (Sinya Aoki et al.)

Chiral symmetry restoration, eigenvalue density of Dirac operator and
axial U(1) anomaly at finite temperature

Sinya Aoki, Hidenori Fukaya, Yusuke Taniguchi