Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1301.0919 (Karim Ghorbani)

Kaon semi-leptonic form factor at zero momentum transfer in finite

Karim Ghorbani

1301.1049 (Edwin Laermann et al.)

Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature    [PDF]

Edwin Laermann, Fabrizio Pucci

1301.1114 (Parikshit Junnarkar et al.)

The Scalar Strange Content of the Nucleon from Lattice QCD    [PDF]

Parikshit Junnarkar, Andre Walker-Loud

1301.1144 (P. V. Buividovich)

Monte-Carlo study of quasiparticle dispersion relation in monolayer

P. V. Buividovich

1301.1193 (Antonino Flachi)

Strongly Interacting Fermions and Phases of the Casimir Effect    [PDF]

Antonino Flachi

1301.1307 (Gergely Endrodi)

QCD equation of state at nonzero magnetic fields in the Hadron Resonance
Gas model

Gergely Endrodi

1301.1308 (Piotr Pietrulewicz)

Electric dipole transitions in pNRQCD    [PDF]

Piotr Pietrulewicz