Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1111.4104 (Tuomas Karavirta et al.)

Determining the conformal window: SU(2) gauge theory with N_f = 4, 6 and
10 fermion flavours

Tuomas Karavirta, Jarno Rantaharju, Kari Rummukainen, Kimmo Tuominen

1203.5341 (Craig D. Roberts)

Strong QCD and Dyson-Schwinger Equations    [PDF]

Craig D. Roberts

1203.5386 (Sinya Aoki et al.)

Matrix Theory for Baryons: An Overview of Holographic QCD for Nuclear

Sinya Aoki, Koji Hashimoto, Norihiro Iizuka

1203.5627 (Luigi Del Debbio et al.)

Scalar mass corrections from compact extra dimensions on the lattice    [PDF]

Luigi Del Debbio, Enrico Rinaldi

1203.5653 (Axel Maas et al.)

The phase diagram of a gauge theory with fermionic baryons    [PDF]

Axel Maas, Lorenz von Smekal, Björn Wellegehausen, Andreas Wipf

1203.5699 (E. V. Luschevskaya et al.)

The ρ and a mesons in a strong abelian magnetic field in SU(2)
lattice gauge theory

E. V. Luschevskaya, O. V. Larina