Monday, April 30, 2012

1112.1855 (Simon Catterall et al.)

Non-abelian gauged NJL models on the lattice    [PDF]

Simon Catterall, Richard Galvez, Jay Hubisz, Dhagash Mehta, Aarti Veernala

1202.1491 (N. Vandersickel et al.)

The Gribov problem and QCD dynamics    [PDF]

N. Vandersickel, Daniel Zwanziger

1204.6074 (Ydalia Delgado Mercado et al.)

Monte Carlo simulation of the SU(3) spin model with chemical potential
in a flux representation

Ydalia Delgado Mercado, Christof Gattringer

1204.6112 (Paolo Cea et al.)

Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Planar QED in External Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Paolo Cea, Leonardo Cosmai, Pietro Giudice, Alessandro Papa

1204.6165 (T R Govindarajan et al.)

Phase structures in fuzzy geometries    [PDF]

T R Govindarajan, S. Digal, K. S. Gupta, X. Martin

1204.6182 (Michael G. Endres)

Lattice theory for nonrelativistic fermions in one spatial dimension    [PDF]

Michael G. Endres

1204.6184 (Sz. Borsanyi et al.)

Precision SU(3) lattice thermodynamics for a large temperature range    [PDF]

Sz. Borsanyi, G. Endrodi, Z. Fodor, S. D. Katz, K. K. Szabo

1204.6192 (Taras Yavors'kii et al.)

Optimized GPU simulation of continuous-spin glass models    [PDF]

Taras Yavors'kii, Martin Weigel

1204.6193 (Markus Manssen et al.)

Random number generators for massively parallel simulations on GPU    [PDF]

Markus Manssen, Martin Weigel, Alexander K. Hartmann

1204.6251 (M. Hoferichter et al.)

Dispersive analysis of the scalar form factor of the nucleon    [PDF]

M. Hoferichter, C. Ditsche, B. Kubis, U. -G. Meißner

1204.6256 (M. Lujan et al.)

The $Δ_{mix}$ parameter in the overlap on domain-wall mixed action    [PDF]

M. Lujan, A. Alexandru, T. Draper, W. Freeman, M. Gong, F. X. Lee, A. Li, K. F. Liu, N. Mathur

1204.6259 (Jacques Bloch et al.)

Level spacings for weakly asymmetric real random matrices and
application to two-color QCD with chemical potential

Jacques Bloch, Falk Bruckmann, Nils Meyer, Sebastian Schierenberg

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1109.5861 (Bernd A. Berg)

Vector boson mass generation without new fields    [PDF]

Bernd A. Berg

1204.4444 (Christian Hambrock et al.)

Extracting $B \to K^*$ Form Factors from Data    [PDF]

Christian Hambrock, Gudrun Hiller

1204.4913 (Philippe de Forcrand et al.)

Walking near a Conformal Fixed Point: the 2-d O(3) Model at theta near
pi as a Test Case

Philippe de Forcrand, Michele Pepe, Uwe-Jens Wiese

1204.4945 (H. -T. Ding et al.)

Charmonium properties in hot quenched lattice QCD    [PDF]

H. -T. Ding, A. Francis, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, H. Satz, W. Soeldner

1204.5052 (A. Frommer et al.)

2-norm error bounds and estimates for Lanczos approximations to linear
systems and rational matrix functions

A. Frommer, K. Kahl, Th. Lippert, H. Rittich

1204.5064 (Andrzej J. Buras et al.)

BSM models facing the recent LHCb data: A first look    [PDF]

Andrzej J. Buras, Jennifer Girrbach

1204.5131 (M. Cardoso et al.)

Variational study of the flux tube recombination in the two quarks and
two quarks system in Lattice QCD

M. Cardoso, N. Cardoso, P. Bicudo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1011.6113 (Kwei-Chou Yang)

$1^{++}$ Nonet Singlet-Octet Mixing Angle, Strange Quark Mass, and
Strange Quark Condensate

Kwei-Chou Yang

1112.6389 (Mohamed M. Anber et al.)

2d affine XY-spin model/ 4d gauge theory duality and deconfinement    [PDF]

Mohamed M. Anber, Erich Poppitz, Mithat Unsal

1204.3243 (Kurt Langfeld et al.)

The density of states in gauge theories    [PDF]

Kurt Langfeld, Biagio Lucini, Antonio Rago

1204.3492 (I. C. Cloët et al.)

Charge Symmetry Breaking in Spin Dependent Parton Distributions and the
Bjorken Sum Rule

I. C. Cloët, R. Horsley, J. T. Londergan, Y. Nakamura, D. Pleiter, P. E. L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, H. Stüben, A. W. Thomas, F. Winter, R. D. Young, J. M. Zanotti

1204.3606 (S. R. Beane et al.)

Hyperon-Nucleon Interactions and the Composition of Dense Nuclear Matter
from Quantum Chromodynamics

S. R. Beane, E. Chang, S. D. Cohen, W. Detmold, H. -W. Lin, T. C. Luu, K. Orginos, A. Parreno, M. J. Savage, A. Walker-Loud

Friday, April 6, 2012

1111.5698 (Taegil Bae et al.)

Kaon $B$-parameter from improved staggered fermions in $N_f=2+1$ QCD    [PDF]

Taegil Bae, Yong-Chull Jang, Chulwoo Jung, Hyung-Jin Kim, Jangho Kim, Jongjeong Kim, Kwangwoo Kim, Sunghee Kim, Weonjong Lee, Stephen R. Sharpe, Boram Yoon

1112.5107 (Mario Schröck)

The chirally improved quark propagator and restoration of chiral

Mario Schröck

1204.1110 (Raúl A. Briceño et al.)

Moving Multi-Channel Systems in a Finite Volume    [PDF]

Raúl A. Briceño, Zohreh Davoudi

1204.1125 (Kenji Morita)

Quarkonium at T>0    [PDF]

Kenji Morita

1204.1236 (R. M. Albuquerque et al.)

1-- and 0++ heavy four-quark and molecule states in QCD    [PDF]

R. M. Albuquerque, F. Fanomezana, S. Narison, A. Rabemananjara

1204.1306 (Jacob Finkenrath et al.)

Fermions as Global Correction: the QCD Case    [PDF]

Jacob Finkenrath, Francesco Knechtli, Björn Leder

Thursday, April 5, 2012

1111.4536 (Syo Kamata et al.)

Minimal Doubling Fermion and Hermiticity    [PDF]

Syo Kamata, Hidekazu Tanaka

1201.2864 (Daniel Coumbe et al.)

Exploring the Phase Diagram of Lattice Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Daniel Coumbe, Jack Laiho

1204.0791 (Jack Laiho et al.)

Flavor Physics in the LHC era: the role of the lattice    [PDF]

Jack Laiho, Enrico Lunghi, Ruth Van de Water

1204.0826 (Maxwell T. Hansen et al.)

Multiple-channel generalization of Lellouch-Luscher formula    [PDF]

Maxwell T. Hansen, Stephen R. Sharpe

1204.0921 (P. V. Buividovich et al.)

Numerical study of the conductivity of graphene monolayer within the
effective field theory approach

P. V. Buividovich, E. V. Luschevskaya, O. V. Pavlovsky, M. I. Polikarpov, M. V. Ulybyshev

1204.0995 (Szabolcs Borsanyi et al.)

The QCD equation of state and the effects of the charm    [PDF]

Szabolcs Borsanyi, Gergeley Endrodi, Zoltan Fodor, Sandor D. Katz, Stefan Krieg, Claudia Ratti, Chris Schroeder, Kalman K. Szabo

1204.1001 (Francisco C. Alcaraz et al.)

Nonlocal growth processes and conformal invariance    [PDF]

Francisco C. Alcaraz, Vladimir Rittenberg

1204.1020 (Julia Danzer et al.)

Properties of canonical determinants and a test of fugacity expansion
for finite density lattice QCD with Wilson fermions

Julia Danzer, Christof Gattringer

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1105.1892 (Harvey B. Meyer)

Lattice QCD and the Timelike Pion Form Factor    [PDF]

Harvey B. Meyer

1107.4388 (David Bernecker et al.)

Vector Correlators in Lattice QCD: methods and applications    [PDF]

David Bernecker, Harvey B. Meyer

1110.2927 (Hugo Reinhardt et al.)

On the temporal Wilson loop in the Hamiltonian approach in Coulomb gauge    [PDF]

Hugo Reinhardt, Markus Quandt, Giuseppe Burgio

1204.0138 (M. A. Zubkov)

Schwinger pair creation in multilayer graphene    [PDF]

M. A. Zubkov

1204.0216 (Attilio Cucchieri et al.)

The Minimal Landau Background Gauge on the Lattice    [PDF]

Attilio Cucchieri, Tereza Mendes

1204.0228 (Yuji Sakai et al.)

The quarkynic phase and the Z_{Nc} symmetry    [PDF]

Yuji Sakai, Hiroaki Kouno, Takahiro Sasaki, Masanobu Yahiro

1204.0260 (Nan Su)

A brief overview of hard-thermal-loop perturbation theory    [PDF]

Nan Su

1204.0270 (Gabriel Wlazłowski et al.)

Shear Viscosity of a Unitary Fermi Gas    [PDF]

Gabriel Wlazłowski, Piotr Magierski, Joaquín E. Drut

1204.0331 (A. Hietanen et al.)

Numerical evidence for non-analytic behavior in the beta function of
large N SU(N) gauge theory coupled to an adjoint Dirac fermion

A. Hietanen, R. Narayanan

1204.0651 (M. Bordag et al.)

The type of the phase transition and coupling values in λφ^4

M. Bordag, V. Demchik, A. Gulov, V. Skalozub

1204.0685 (χQCD Collaboration: M. Gong et al.)

The Strangeness and Charmness of Nucleon from Overlap Fermions    [PDF]

χQCD Collaboration: M. Gong, A. Li, A. Alexandru, T. Draper, K. F. Liu

1204.0716 (G. Burgio et al.)

Running mass, effective energy and confinement: the lattice quark
propagator in Coulomb gauge

G. Burgio, M. Schröck, H. Reinhardt, M. Quandt