Monday, August 27, 2012

1208.3009 (M. E. Carrillo-Serrano et al.)

Variations of nuclear binding with quark masses    [PDF]

M. E. Carrillo-Serrano, I. C. Clöet, K. Tsushima, A. W. Thomas, I. R. Afnan

1208.4850 (Xavier Garcia i Tormo)

alpha_s from the static energy in QCD    [PDF]

Xavier Garcia i Tormo

1208.4910 (Jun Nishimura et al.)

Standard Model particles from nonperturbative string theory via
spontaneous breaking of Poincare symmetry and supersymmetry

Jun Nishimura, Asato Tsuchiya

1208.4981 (David Ibanez)

Gluon mass through massless bound-state excitations    [PDF]

David Ibanez

1208.4990 (Márton Trencséni)

Pure Lattice Gauge Theory in the Expanding Universe    [PDF]

Márton Trencséni

1208.5025 (M. N. Chernodub)

Electromagnetic superconductivity of vacuum induced by strong magnetic

M. N. Chernodub