Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4472 (Mitsuhiro Kato et al.)

A criterion for lattice supersymmetry: cyclic Leibniz rule    [PDF]

Mitsuhiro Kato, Makoto Sakamoto, Hiroto So
It is old folklore that the violation of Leibniz rule on a lattice is an obstruction for constructing a lattice supersymmetric model. While it is still true for full supersymmetry, we show that a slightly modified form of the Leibniz rule, which we call cyclic Leibniz rule (CLR), is actually a criterion for the existence of partial lattice supersymmetry. In one dimension, we find sets of lattice difference operator and field multiplication smeared over lattice which satisfy the CLR under some natural assumptions such as translational invariance and locality. Thereby we construct a model of supersymmetric lattice quantum mechanics without spoiling locality. The CLR relation is coincident with the condition that the vanishing of the so-called surface term in the construction by lattice Nicolai map. We can construct superfield formalism with arbitrary superpotential. This also enables us to apply safely a localization technique to our model, because the kinetic term and the interaction terms of our model are independently invariant under the supersymmetry transformation. A preliminary attempt in finding a solution for the higher dimensional case is also discussed.
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