Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4198 (Georg P. Engel et al.)

QCD with Two Light Dynamical Chirally Improved Quarks    [PDF]

Georg P. Engel, C. B. Lang, Daniel Mohler, Andreas Schafer
Results for the excited meson and baryon spectrum with two flavors of Chirally Improved sea quarks are presented. We simulate several ensembles with pion masses ranging from 250 to 600 MeV and extrapolate to the physical pion mass. Strange quarks are treated within the partially quenched approximation. Using the variational method, we investigate the content of the states. Among others, we discuss the flavor singlet/octet content of Lambda states. In general, our results compare well with experiment, in particular we get very good agreement with the Lambda(1405) and confirm its flavor singlet nature.
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