Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3389 (Marc Wagner et al.)

Scalar mesons and tetraquarks from twisted mass lattice QCD    [PDF]

Marc Wagner, Constantia Alexandrou, Jan Oliver Daldrop, Mattia Dalla Brida, Mario Gravina, Luigi Scorzato, Carsten Urbach, Christian Wiese
We study light scalar mesons with particular focus on the a_0(980) using lattice QCD with 2+1+1 dynamical quark flavors. To investigate the structure of these scalar mesons and to identify, whether a sizeable tetraquark component is present, we use a large set of operators, including diquark-antidiquark, mesonic molecule and two-meson operators. We find that the low-lying states overlap essentially exclusively with two-meson states. This indicates that in the channels investigated no tightly bound four-quark states of either molecular or diquark-antidiquark type exist.
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