Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3276 (Si-xue Qin et al.)

Practical corollaries of transverse Ward-Green-Takahashi identities    [PDF]

Si-xue Qin, Lei Chang, Yu-xin Liu, Craig D. Roberts, Sebastian M. Schmidt
The gauge principle is fundamental in formulating the Standard Model. Fermion--gauge-boson couplings are the inescapable consequence and the primary determining factor for observable phenomena. Vertices describing such couplings are simple in perturbation theory and yet the existence of strong-interaction bound-states guarantees that many phenomena within the Model are nonperturbative. It is therefore crucial to understand how dynamics dresses the vertices and thereby fundamentally alters the appearance of fermion--gauge-boson interactions. We consider the coupling of a dressed-fermion to an Abelian gauge boson, and describe a unified treatment and solution of the familiar longitudinal Ward-Green-Takahashi identity and its less well known transverse counterparts. Novel consequences for the dressed-fermion--gauge-boson vertex are exposed.
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