Friday, February 8, 2013

1201.2666 (Gouranga C. Nayak)

General Form of the Color Potential Produced by Color Charges of the

Gouranga C. Nayak
Constant electric charge $e$ satisfies the continuity equation $\partial_\mu j^{\mu}(x)= 0$ where $j^\mu(x)$ is the current density of the electron. However, the Yang-Mills color current density $j^{\mu a}(x)$ of the quark satisfies the equation $D_\mu[A] j^{\mu a}(x)= 0$ which is not a continuity equation ($\partial_\mu j^{\mu a}(x)\neq 0$) which implies that a color charge $q^a(t)$ of the quark is not constant but it is time dependent where $a=1,2,...8$ are color indices. In this paper we derive general form of color potential produced by color charges of the quark. We find that the general form of the color potential produced by the color charges of the quark at rest is given by $\Phi^a(x) =A_0^a(t,{\bf x}) =\frac{q^b(t-\frac{r}{c})}{r}\[\frac{{\rm exp}[g\int dr \frac{Q(t-\frac{r}{c})}{r}] -1}{g \int dr \frac{Q(t-\frac{r}{c})}{r}}\]_{ab}$ where $dr$ integration is an indefinite integration, ~~ $Q_{ab}(\tau_0)=f^{abd}q^d(\tau_0)$, ~~$r=|{\vec x}-{\vec X}(\tau_0)|$, ~~$\tau_0=t-\frac{r}{c}$ is the retarded time, ~~$c$ is the speed of light, ~~${\vec X}(\tau_0)$ is the position of the quark at the retarded time and the repeated color indices $b,d$(=1,2,...8) are summed. For constant color charge $q^a$ we reproduce the Coulomb-like potential $\Phi^a(x)=\frac{q^a}{r}$ which is consistent with the Maxwell theory where constant electric charge $e$ produces the Coulomb potential $\Phi(x)=\frac{e}{r}$.
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