Thursday, January 31, 2013

1301.7204 (C. T. H. Davies et al.)

Direct determination of strange and light quark condensates from full
lattice QCD

C. T. H. Davies, C. McNeile, A. Bazavov, R. J. Dowdall, K. Hornbostel, G. P. Lepage, H. Trottier
We determine the strange and light quark condensates in full lattice QCD for the first time. This is done by direct calculation of the expectation value of the trace of the quark propagator followed by subtraction of the appropriate perturbative contribution to convert to a value for the condensate in the MS-bar scheme at 2 GeV. We use lattice QCD configurations including u, d, s and c quarks in the sea with u/d quark masses going down to the physical value. We find the ratio of the strange to the light quark condensate to be 1.08(16).
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