Thursday, January 31, 2013

1301.7202 (C. Davies)

Determination of c and b quark masses    [PDF]

C. Davies
The determination of quark masses has been transformed in the past few years by accurate results from realistic lattice QCD. This has meant a range of new methods for both b and c quarks which I will describe along with results from continuum techniques. The recent improvement in Lattice QCD actions along with the generation of gluon configurations including sea quarks on fine lattices has given us viable methods for handling heavy quarks with relativistic actions. This has allowed us for the first time to connect the heavy and light sectors through accurate determination of ratios of quark masses, such as m_c/m_s. Such ratios enable us to leverage the accuracy of c and b mass determinations into accurate s and light quark masses. The comparison of quark masses from different methods and formalisms provides a strong test of QCD and the masses themselves are needed in calculations for the cross-sections of various processes at LHC, for example H to bb.
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