Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6973 (D. Gómez Dumm et al.)

Dispersive representation of the pion vector form factor in
$τ\toππν_τ$ decays

D. Gómez Dumm, P. Roig
We propose a dispersive representation of the charged pion vector form factor that is consistent with chiral symmetry and fulfills the constraints imposed by analyticity and unitarity. Unknown parameters are fitted to the very precise data on $\tau^-\to\pi^-\pi^0\nu_\tau$ decays obtained by Belle, leading to a good description of the corresponding spectral function up to a $\pi\pi$ squared invariant mass $s\simeq 1.5$~GeV$^2$. We discuss the effect of isospin corrections, and obtain the values of low energy observables. For larger values of $s$, this representation is complemented with a phenomenological description to allow its implementation in the new TAUOLA hadronic currents.
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