Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6971 (M. A. Zubkov)

Gauge theory of Lorentz group as a source of the dynamical electroweak
symmetry breaking

M. A. Zubkov
We consider the gauge theory of Lorentz group coupled in a nonminimal way to fermions. We suggest the hypothesis (to be confirmed by the further numerical investigations) that the given theory may exist in the phase with broken chiral symmetry and without confinement. The lattice discretization of the model is described. This unusual strongly coupled theory may appear to be the source of the dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking. Namely, in this theory all existing fermions interact with the $SO(3,1)$ gauge field in the same way. Therefore, in the absence of the other interactions the chiral condensate appears and all fermionic excitations acquire equal masses. Small corrections to the gap equations due to the other interactions may cause the appearance of the observed hierarchy of masses.
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