Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4452 (John Bulava et al.)

Applications of the Stochastic LapH Method    [PDF]

John Bulava, Justin Foley, Keisuke J. Juge, Colin J. Morningstar, Brendan Fahy, You-Cyuan Jhang, David Lenkner, Chik Him Wong
Progress in computing the hadron spectrum in lattice QCD using stochastic LapH quark propaga- tors is described. The stochastic LapH algorithm is a particular quark smearing algorithm that also allows the computation of all-to-all quark propagators. All-to-all quark propagators are required in our approach of using a large set of spatially extended hadron operators and explicit multi- particle operators to access excited states. We report on the progress made in the various isospin channels on 2+1 dynamical, anisotropic lattices generated by the Hadron Spectrum Collaboration.
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