Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4424 (Akihiko Sekine et al.)

Strong Coupling Expansion in a Correlated Three-Dimensional Topological

Akihiko Sekine, Kentaro Nomura
Motivated by recent studies which show that topological phases may emerge in strongly correlated electron systems, we theoretically study the strong electron correlation effect in a three-dimensional topological insulator, which effective Hamiltonian can be described by the Wilson fermion. We adopt $1/r$ long-range Coulomb interaction as the interaction between the bulk electrons. Based on the U(1) lattice gauge theory, the strong coupling expansion is applied by assuming that the effective interaction is strong. It is shown that the topological insulator phase changes to the normal insulator phase in the strong coupling limit, namely the value of the chiral condensate is not zero as well as in the case of graphene.
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