Friday, January 18, 2013

1301.4061 (Joannis Papavassiliou et al.)

The effective gluon mass and its dynamical equation    [PDF]

Joannis Papavassiliou, David Ibanez
We present the general derivation of the full nonperturbative equation that governs the momentum evolution of the dynamically generated gluon mass, in the Landau gauge. The gluon mass originates from the inclusion of longitudinally coupled vertices containing massless poles of non-perturbative origin, which preserve the form of the fundamental Slavnov-Taylor identities of the theory. The equation is obtained within the PT-BFM formalism, where the corresponding Schwinger-Dyson equation involves a reduced number of fully dressed diagrams. The resulting homogeneous integral equation is solved numerically for the entire range of physical momenta, yielding positive-definite and monotonically decreasing gluon masses, in agreement with a variety of less formal considerations.
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