Friday, January 18, 2013

1301.3942 (Yanwen Shang)

On two dimensional non-abelian chiral lattice gauge theories in
Ginsparg-Wilson formalism

Yanwen Shang
Defining chiral lattice gauge theories in the Ginsparg-Wilson formalism is complicated by the so-called fermion measure problem. It has been proven for the abelian theories that smooth well-behaved fermion measure exists if and only if the anomaly-free condition is granted, and the same was shown to hold in perturbative theories for non-abelian gauge groups, but the non-perturbative proof is absent. In this paper, we consider a simpler problem in 2-d and present a proof for the existence of smooth and gauge invariant fermion measure on the gauge field configuration space with zero field strengths for arbitrary compact Lie groups, provided the anomaly-free conditions are satisfied. It is conjectured that such consideration is sufficient for the unknown full proof.
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