Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2873 (A. Esposito et al.)

Doubly Charmed Tetraquarks in B_c and Xi_bc Decays    [PDF]

A. Esposito, M. Papinutto, A. Pilloni, A. D. Polosa, N. Tantalo
The phenomenology of the so-called X, Y and Z hadronic resonances is hard to reconcile with standard charmonium or bottomonium interpretations. It has been suggested that some of these new hadrons can possibly be described as tightly bound tetraquark states and/or as loosely bound two-meson molecules. In the present paper we focus on the hypothetical existence of flavored, doubly charmed, tetraquarks. Such states might also carry double electric charge, and in this case, if discovered, they could univocally be interpreted in terms of compact tetraquarks. Flavored tetraquarks are also amenable to lattice studies as their interpolating operators do not overlap with ordinary meson ones. We show that doubly charmed tetraquarks could significantly be produced at LHC from B_c or Xi_bc heavy baryons.
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