Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2425 (Thomas DeGrand et al.)

Near the sill of the conformal window: gauge theories with fermions in
two-index representations

Thomas DeGrand, Yigal Shamir, Benjamin Svetitsky
We apply Schroedinger functional methods to two gauge theories with fermions in two-index representations: the SU(3) theory with Nf=2 adjoint fermions, and the SU(4) theory with Nf=6 fermions in the two-index antisymmetric representation. Each theory is believed to lie near the bottom of the conformal window for its respective representation. In the SU(3) theory we find a small beta function in strong coupling but we cannot confirm or rule out an infrared fixed point. In the SU(4) theory we find a hint of walking - a beta function that approaches the axis and then turns away from it. In both theories the mass anomalous dimension remains small even at the strongest couplings, much like the theories with fermions in the two-index symmetric representation investigated earlier.
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