Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0231 (David Landa-Marban et al.)

Features of a Simple IR Conformal Gauge Theory    [PDF]

David Landa-Marban, Wolfgang Bietenholz, Ivan Hip
The Schwinger model with $N_{f} \geq 2$ flavors is a simple example for an IR conformal gauge theory. We consider numerical data for two light flavors, based on simulations with dynamical chiral lattice fermions. We test properties and predictions that were put forward for IR conformal models in the recent literature. In particular we probe the decorrelation of low lying Dirac eigenvalues, and we discuss the mass anomalous dimension and its IR extrapolation. Here we encounter subtleties, which may urge caution with analogous efforts in other models, such as multi-flavor QCD.
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