Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1306.3775 (Andrzej J. Buras et al.)

Towards the Identification of New Physics through Quark Flavour
Violating Processes

Andrzej J. Buras, Jennifer Girrbach
We outline a systematic strategy which should help in this decade to identify New Physics beyond the Standard Model by means of quark flavour violating processes and thereby to extend the picture of short distance physics down to the scales as short as 10^{-20} m and even shorter distance scales corresponding to energies of 100 TeV. Rather then using all possible flavour violating observables that will be measured in the coming years, we concentrate on those observables that are theoretically clean and very sensitive to NP. Assuming that the data on the selected observables by us will be very precise, we stress the importance of correlations between these observables as well as of future precise calculations of non-perturbative parameters by means of lattice QCD. Our strategy consists of twelve steps which we will discuss in detail illustrating possible outcomes with the help of the SM, models with CMFV, MFV and models with tree-level FCNCs mediated by neutral gauge bosons and scalars. We propose DNA-charts that exhibit correlations between flavour observables in different NP scenarios. The models with new left-handed and/or right-handed currents and non-MFV interactions can be distinguished transparently in this manner. We emphasis the important role of the stringent CMFV relations between various observables as standard candles of flavour physics. The pattern of deviations from these relations may help in identifying the correct NP scenario. The success of this program will be very much facilitated through direct signals of NP at the LHC. We also emphasize the importance of lepton flavour violation, electric dipole moments and (g-2)_{e,mu} in these studies.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.3775

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