Friday, June 7, 2013

1306.1245 (Michael Creutz)

Quark masses, the Dashen phase, and gauge field topology    [PDF]

Michael Creutz
The CP violating Dashen phase in QCD is predicted by chiral perturbation theory to occur when the up-down quark mass difference becomes sufficiently large at fixed down-quark mass. Before reaching this phase, all physical hadronic masses and scattering amplitudes are expected to behave smoothly with the up-quark mass, even as this mass passes through zero. In Euclidean space, the topological susceptibility of the gauge fields is positive at positive quark masses but diverges to negative infinity as the Dashen phase is approached. A zero in this susceptibility provides a tentative signal for the point where the mass of the up quark vanishes. I discuss potential ambiguities with this determination.
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