Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0434 (Chris Bouchard et al.)

Standard Model predictions for B -> Kll with form factors from lattice

Chris Bouchard, G. Peter Lepage, Christopher Monahan, Heechang Na, Junko Shigemitsu
We calculate, for the first time using unquenched lattice QCD form factors, the Standard Model differential branching fractions dB/dq^2(B -> Kll) for l=e, \mu, \tau\ and compare with experimental measurements by Belle, BABAR, CDF, and LHCb. We report on B(B -> Kll) in q^2 bins used by experiment and predict B(B -> K \tau \tau) = (1.41 \pm 0.15) 10^{-7}. We also calculate the ratio of branching fractions R^\mu_e = 1.00029(69) and predict R^\tau_l = 1.176(40), for l=e, \mu. Finally, we calculate the "flat term" in the angular distribution of the differential decay rate F_H^{e, \mu, \tau} in experimentally motivated q^2 bins.
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