Thursday, April 25, 2013

1304.6409 (M. Bochicchio et al.)

Ultraviolet asymptotics of glueball propagators    [PDF]

M. Bochicchio, S. P. Muscinelli
We point out that perturbation theory in conjunction with the renormalization group (RG) puts a severe constraint on the structure of the large-N non-perturbative glueball propagators in SU(N) pure YM, in QCD and in n=1 SUSY QCD with massless quarks, or in any confining asymptotically-free gauge theory massless in perturbation theory. For the scalar and pseudoscalar glueball propagators in pure YM and QCD with massless quarks we check in detail the RG-improved estimate to the order of the leading and next-to-leading logarithms by means of a remarkable three-loop computation by Chetyrkin et al. We investigate as to whether the aforementioned constraint is satisfied by any of the scalar or pseudoscalar glueball propagators computed in the framework of the AdS String/ large-N Gauge Theory correspondence and of a recent proposal based on a Topological Field Theory underlying the large-N limit of YM. We find that none of the proposals for the scalar or the pseudoscalar glueball propagators based on the AdS String/ large-N Gauge Theory correspondence satisfies the constraint, but the Topological Field Theory does.
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