Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1304.4423 (Daniel August et al.)

On the Landau-gauge adjoint quark propagator    [PDF]

Daniel August, Axel Maas
Quarks in the adjoint representation have been a subject of study for both conceptual and practical purposes. Conceptually, their differences when it comes to confining and chiral symmetry properties has long been suspected to hold important information on the relation of these two distinguished properties of QCD-like gauge theories. Practically, they have been studied as both a possibility to access finite density quark systems as well as candidate theories for technicolor in beyond-the-standard-model settings. The most elementary object describing such particles is their propagator, though it being gauge-dependent. Its properties in the minimal Landau gauge are investigated here both in the quenched and unquenched case for a range of lattice parameters using the Wilson formulation for the gauge group SU(2). It is found that the propagator shows pronounced differences to the case of fundamental quarks, especially towards the chiral limit.
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