Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4110 (M. Billó et al.)

Line defects in the 3d Ising model    [PDF]

M. Billó, M. Caselle, D. Gaiotto, F. Gliozzi, M. Meineri, R. Pellegrini
We investigate the properties of the twist line defect in the critical 3d Ising model using Monte Carlo simulations. In this model the twist line defect is the boundary of a surface of frustrated links or, in a dual description, the Wilson line of the Z2 gauge theory. We test the hypothesis that the twist line defect flows to a conformal line defect at criticality and evaluate numerically the low-lying spectrum of anomalous dimensions of the local operators which live on the defect as well as mixed correlation functions of local operators in the bulk and on the defect.
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