Monday, March 18, 2013

1303.3714 (Hirofumi Yamada)

Critical behaviors as functions of the bare-mass    [PDF]

Hirofumi Yamada
In Ising model on the simple cubic lattice, we describe the inverse temperature \beta in terms of the bare-mass M and study its critical behavior by the use of delta expansion from high temperature or large M side. In the vicinity of critical temperature \beta_{c}, the expansion of \beta in M has \beta_{c} as the first term and M^{-1/2\nu} as the leading correction. The estimation of \beta_{c} in 1/M expansion is confronted with the leading and higher order corrections, even delta expansion is applied and the critical region emerges. To improve the estimation status of \beta_{c}, we try to suppress the corrections by adding derivatives of \beta(M) with free adjustable parameters. By optimizing the parameters with the help of the principle of minimum sensitivity which are maximally imposed in accord with the number of parameters, estimation of \beta_{c} is carried out and the result is found to be in good agreement with the present world average. In the same time, the critical exponent {\nu} is also estimated.
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