Thursday, March 14, 2013

1303.3223 (Tamer Boz et al.)

Phase transitions and gluodynamics in 2-colour matter at high density    [PDF]

Tamer Boz, Seamus Cotter, Leonard Fister, Dhagash Mehta, Jon-Ivar Skullerud
We investigate 2-colour QCD with 2 flavours of Wilson fermion at nonzero temperature T and quark chemical potential mu. From temperature scans at fixed mu we find that the critical temperature for the superfluid to normal transition depends only very weakly on mu above the onset chemical potential, while the deconfinement crossover temperature is clearly decreasing with mu. We find indications of a region of superfluid but deconfined matter at high mu and intermediate T. The static quark potential determined from the Wilson loop is found to exhibit a 'string tension' that increases at large mu in the 'deconfined' region. The electric (longitudinal) gluon propagator in Landau gauge becomes strongly screened with increasing temperature and chemical potential. The magnetic (transverse) gluon shows little sensitivity to temperature, and exhibits a mild enhancement at intermediate mu before becoming suppressed at large mu.
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