Monday, February 25, 2013

1302.5537 (Florian Hebenstreit et al.)

Simulating fermion production in 1+1 dimensional QED    [PDF]

Florian Hebenstreit, Jürgen Berges, Daniil Gelfand
We investigate fermion--anti-fermion production in 1+1 dimensional QED using real-time lattice techniques. In this non-perturbative approach the full quantum dynamics of fermions is included while the gauge field dynamics can be accurately represented by classical-statistical simulations for relevant field strengths. We compute the non-equilibrium time evolution of gauge invariant correlation functions implementing 'low-cost' Wilson fermions. Introducing a lattice generalization of the Dirac-Heisenberg-Wigner function, we recover the Schwinger formula in 1+1 dimensions in the limit of a static background field. We discuss the decay of the field due to the backreaction of the created fermion--anti-fermion pairs and apply the approach to strongly inhomogeneous gauge fields. The latter allows us to discuss the striking phenomenon of a linear rising potential building up between produced fermion bunches after the initial electric pulse ceased.
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