Friday, February 22, 2013

1302.4496 (W. Zhu et al.)

Possibility of a $J^{PC}=3^{-+}$ state    [PDF]

W. Zhu, T. Yao, Yan-Rui Liu
Motivated by the observation of several molecule candidates in the heavy quark sector, we discuss the possibility of a state with $J^{PC}=3^{-+}$. In a one-boson-exchange model investigation for the S wave $C=+$ $D^*\bar{D}_2^*$ states, one finds that the strongest attraction is in the case J=3 and I=0 for both $\pi$ and $\sigma$ exchanges. Numerical analysis indicates that this hadronic bound state may exist. If a state around the $D^*\bar{D}_2^*$ threshold ($\approx$4472 MeV) in the channel $J/\psi\omega$ (P wave) is observed, the heavy quark spin symmetry implies that it is not a $c\bar{c}$ meson and the $J^{PC}$ are very likely to be $3^{-+}$.
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