Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1301.6590 (V. V. Braguta et al.)

Vortex liquid in magnetic-field-induced superconducting vacuum of
quenched lattice QCD

V. V. Braguta, P. V. Buividovich, M. N. Chernodub, A. Yu. Kotov, M. I. Polikarpov
In the background of the strong magnetic field the vacuum is suggested to possess an electromagnetically superconducting phase characterised by the emergence of inhomogeneous quark-antiquark vector condensates which carry quantum numbers of the charged rho mesons. The rho-meson condensates are inhomogeneous due to the presence of the stringlike defects ("the rho vortices") which are parallel to the magnetic field (the superconducting vacuum phase is similar to the mixed Abrikosov phase of a type-II superconductor). In agreement with these expectations, we have observed the presence of the rho vortices in numerical simulations of the vacuum of the quenched two-color lattice QCD in strong magnetic field background. We have found that in the quenched QCD the rho vortices form a liquid. The transition between the usual (insulator) phase at low B and the superconducting vortex liquid phase at high B turns out to be very smooth, at least in the quenched QCD.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1301.6590

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