Thursday, January 24, 2013

1301.5344 (Kouji Kashiwa et al.)

The Roberge-Weiss transition and 't Hooft loops    [PDF]

Kouji Kashiwa, Robert D. Pisarski
Roberge and Weiss showed that for SU(N) gauge theories, phase transitions occur in the presence of quark chemical potential which is imaginary. We show that if such a phase transition is of first order, then even with dynamical quarks, 't Hooft loops of arbitrary Z(N) charge are well defined at the phase boundary. We outline the computation of the 't Hooft loop at very high temperature, where semi-classical methods can be used. To leading order in weak coupling, the 't Hooft loop satisfies Casimir scaling in the pure glue theory, but not with quarks. Because the chemical potential is imaginary, typically the interaction measure is negative on one side of the phase transition. Using a matrix model to model the deconfining phase transition, we compute the properties of the Roberge-Weiss phase transition for heavy quarks.
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