Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1301.5204 (Damir Becirevic et al.)

Radiative decays of charmonia on the lattice    [PDF]

Damir Becirevic, Francesco Sanfilippo
We present the results of our lattice QCD study of the hadronic matrix elements relevant to the physical radiative J/psi -> eta_c gamma and hc -> eta_c gamma decays. From computations with Nf=2 dynamical quark in twisted mass QCD at four lattice spacings, we were able to take the continuum limit and obtained Gamma(J/psi -> eta_c gamma) = 2.64(11) keV and Gamma(hc -> eta_c gamma) = 0.72(5) MeV. We also computed the the hyperfine splitting and found that it does not depend from the sea quark mass and we obtain Delta = m_J/psi - m_eta_c = 112(4) MeV.
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