Thursday, January 17, 2013

1301.3631 (J. Greensite et al.)

Testing the Yang-Mills vacuum wave functional Ansatz in 3+1 dimensions    [PDF]

J. Greensite, S. Olejnik
We proposed a simple Ansatz for the vacuum wave functional (VWF) of SU(2) gauge theory in temporal gauge. In 2+1 dimensions, the Ansatz was shown to be a fairly good approximation to the true VWF of the theory. Relative probabilities of various test configurations in the vacuum can be computed in numerical simulations of lattice-regulated SU(2) gauge theory by the method proposed long ago by Greensite and Iwasaki. We report promising (albeit still preliminary) results of testing the proposed VWF in 3+1 dimensions on various sets of lattice gauge field configurations.
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