Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1301.3416 (John Bulava et al.)

Constraining a fourth generation of quarks: non-perturbative Higgs boson
mass bounds

John Bulava, Karl Jansen, Attila Nagy
We present a non-perturbative determination of the upper and lower Higgs boson mass bounds with a heavy fourth generation of quarks from numerical lattice computations in a chirally symmetric Higgs-Yukawa model. We find that the upper bound only moderately rises with the quark mass while the lower bound increases significantly, providing additional constraints on the existence of a straight-forward fourth quark generation. We examine the stability of the lower bound under the addition of a higher dimensional operator to the scalar field potential using perturbation theory, demonstrating that it is not significantly altered for small values of the coupling of this operator. For a Higgs boson mass of $\sim125\mathrm{GeV}$ we find that the maximum value of the fourth generation quark mass is $\sim300\mathrm{GeV}$, which is already in conflict with bounds from direct searches.
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