Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1301.2523 (Pietro Faccioli et al.)

QCD Topology at Finite Temperature: Statistical Mechanics of Selfdual

Pietro Faccioli, Edward Shuryak
Topological phenomena in gauge theories have long been recognized as the driving force for chiral symmetry breaking and confinement. These phenomena can be conveniently investigated in the semi-classical picture, in which the topological charge is entirely carried by (anti-)self-dual gauge configurations. In such an approach, it has been shown that near the critical temperature, the non-zero expectation value of the Polyakov loop (holonomy) triggers the "Higgsing" of the color group, generating the splitting of instantons into $N_c$ self-dual dyons. A number of lattice simulations have provided some evidence for such dyons, and traced their relation with specific observables, such as the Dirac eigenvalue spectrum. In this work, we formulate a model, based on one-loop partition function and including Coulomb interaction, screening and fermion zee modes. We then perform the first numerical Monte Carlo simulations of a statistical ensemble of self-dual dyons,as a function of their density, quark mass and the number of flavors. We study different dyonic two-point correlation functions and we compute the Dirac spectrum, as a function of the ensemble diluteness and the number of quark flavors.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1301.2523

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