Friday, January 4, 2013

1301.0298 (Matthias F. M. Lutz et al.)

Chiral extrapolations and strangeness in the baryon ground states    [PDF]

Matthias F. M. Lutz, Alexander Semke
We review the quark-mass dependence of the baryon octet and decuplet masses as obtained from recent lattice simulations of the BMW, PACS-CS, LHPC, HSC and QCDSF-UKQCD groups. Our discussion relies on the relativistic chiral Lagrangian and large-$N_c$ sum rule estimates of the counter terms relevant for the baryon masses at N$^3$LO. A partial summation is implied by the use of physical baryon and meson masses in the one-loop contributions to the baryon self energies. In our analysis the physical masses are reproduced exactly by means of a suitable set of linear constraints. A quantitative and simultaneous description of all lattice results is achieved in terms of a six parameter fit, where the symmetry conserving counter term that are relevant at N$^3$LO are not yet being used. For pion masses larger than 300 MeV there appears to be an approximate linear pion-mass dependence of all octet and decuplet baryon masses. We discuss the pion- and strangeness sigma terms of the baryon octet states.
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