Thursday, December 27, 2012

1212.6185 (Vadim Demchik et al.)

Spontaneous generation of chromomagnetic fields at finite temperature in
the SU(3) gluodynamics on a lattice

Vadim Demchik, Alexey Gulov, Natalia Kolomoyets
The spontaneous generation of homogeneous chromomagnetic fields in the lattice SU(3) gluodynamics is investigated in the deconfinement phase of the model. A new approach based on direct measurements of the field strength on a lattice is developed. Vacuum magnetization is established by its influence on the probability density function of the simulated field strength. It is found that both the chromomagnetic fields corresponding to the diagonal SU(3) generators are simultaneously condensated and appear to be spatially co-directed. No vacuum magnetization is detected for the other SU(3) components. The temperature dependence of the spontaneously generated fields in physical units is fitted in the temperature interval 200 MeV - 200 GeV as the usual power law with the anomalous dimension.
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